Mopar Fuel Tank Sending Unit tool, wrench ... any available from forum members?

Gerald Morris

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Mar 9, 2016
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the flash fire only hurts for a little while.
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yall are making this harder than it is. observe the device you need.

. . . one time i was setting up the BBQ grill and the lid closed. couple minutes later i went to open it up and it flashed on me. then i had to put all the fixins back in the house and drive up to tom thumb for burn medicine while my skin was blistering up in real time. the lady in the checkout line was like you dont look so great, im standing there turning red blistery, eyebrows blowed off, trembling, puffy looking, no hair on my arms, singed shirt...

fun times.

Had a Rochester 4 bbl (Chevy 283) blow up in my face yrs ago. Broke off my beard, mustache, eyebrows, bangs and such the next morning, after going in to work a 12 hr graveyard shift newspaper delivery truck driver gig. Lost arm hair and such also, so I KNOW the feeling! I was all of 19 yrs old, totally stupid, strong as an ox, w the constitution of a mule too, so having 2nd degree and 3rd degree burns all over my exposed skin was "no big deal" back then. Just drank more beer, took more dope and "dealt with ****" as we said.