My 2022 Carlisle PA Mopar Show Pictures.......


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Mar 8, 2019
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Berlin, CT
Hi Everyone,

I figured I would post my Carlisle 2022 pictures now before time slips by like last year. We headed to the show a day earlier than normal this year on Wednesday morning instead of Thursday which worked out pretty good despite a couple minor traffic delays, we are thinking that this is going to become our new normal now. We left our house at 7am and got to the showfield around 2ish. This year as most (f not all) of you know we trailed "The Great Pumpkin" or our 1970 FK3 Orange Fury III to the show to put in the survivor tent display, and drove the big beige '73 Custom Suburban wagon. From the comments I received from both cars, A LOT of people really liked them. There were some stunning cars there this year as always, and a couple of pretty rare examples as well. The weather was also just about perfect being sunny and in the 80s, despite some rain. I had the honor and privilege of meeting MULTIPLE people including Claudia or Miss Direct Connection 1984, Mr. Buddy Martin from the Sox & Martin Drag Race Team, Mr. Wheeler with his unicorn 1970 blue 6bbl Sport Fury GT and even got to sit in the car, and Mr. Arent with his unicorn 1971 green sunroof Sport Fury GT briefly also. I also had the privilege of meeting forum members Rich or @Omni, Manny or @70 Sport Suburban, Jim or @Imps Rule, @My65cuda, and @Trailer Park. I also saw members @ayilar this year, Bill or @FURYGT, Bill or @Bill fury, Charles or @c-barge and also met his dad, I also saw david or @david hill, Mike or @68_fury_ragtop, John or @live4theking, and Bill or @billyfury again this year too and showed him, Charles, Manny, and Bill fury our FK3 Fury "The Pumpkin". It was just a great time and weekend all around with all the beautiful cars and meeting new forum members and seeing ones I have not seen since last year, I really enjoyed it a lot this year and can NOT wait for next year and what it brings. A BIG thank you goes to our good friend Steve for helping us haul the car for us since we do not have a trailer too. Let's get to the pictures, and there are PLENTY more to come soon.......

Wednesday July 13 (also my birthday) at 7am, let's get the show on the road.....

carlisle 1.jpg

carlisle 2.jpg

The Pumpkin in it's safe home until the show......
carlisle 3.jpg

carlisle 4.jpg

carlisle 6.jpg

carlisle 5.jpg

carlisle 7.jpg

carlisle 8.jpg

carlisle 9.jpg

carlisle 10.jpg
Seeing the Great Pumpkin live and in person was truly RICH, and your Suburban wagon was quite nice, too. THANKS for the photos.
Seeing the Great Pumpkin live and in person was truly RICH, and your Suburban wagon was quite nice, too. THANKS for the photos.

Thank ya very much, I really appreciate the compliments. I had no idea you were gonna be driving ayilars blue U code 300 to the show until I got home and looked at the Carlisle posting, otherwise I woulda introduced myself since you were parked right next to us. So very sorry about that :BangHead:
Hi Everybody.

I got some more pictures from the show. More from Wednesday July 13 below.......

carlisle 11.jpg

carlisle 12.jpg

We arrived at the hotel, and the Pumpkin is still safe and sound.......

carlisle 13.jpg

carlisle 14.jpg

Lets unload it and drive it to the show.......

carlisle 15.jpg

carlisle 16.jpg

carlisle 17.jpg

carlisle 18.jpg

We made it to the show grounds, here below is the car with the red and white survivor tent in the background......

carlisle 19.jpg

The next thing to do is to actually put the car in the tent.
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Let's now put the Pumpkin in the survivor tent and set it up. We left the car there all weekend starting on Wednesday and took it out Sunday morning......

carlisle 20.jpg

carlisle 21.jpg

(While we were there at the survivor tent we saw this drive by so I took a picture)........
carlisle 22.jpg

All set up and on display. Thank you very much to all of you who came over and saw it......
carlisle 23.jpg

carliske 24.jpg

More pictures of the survivor tent and of the actual show to come soon.......
Wish I was there. My 71 Fury was also selected for the survivor's tent but unfortunately, I couldn't make this year. We may have been neighbors lol. Maybe next year.
Great pics! Thanks for posting them. A lot of your traveling pics looked familiar as I've been driving down from MA for almost 20 years.

That Fury looks awesome with out B pillars. Gives it a real sleek look.