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May 26, 2023
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Hi my names djohnson76

I recently found this forum while looking through the interweb I've owned My 1966 chrysler newport for about 4 years now I've done very little to it for reasons of being in a pretty good quality original I found it on Facebook awhile back after my dad passed and was in the market for something I could just cruise and reminisce our drives to so I just kind of made my car an Omage to him being I named my car Maria after his favorite song by Carlos Santana and added a ejector button cigarette lighter it was his style of funny i haven't taken her to any shows yet but plan to this year really looking forward to it Resized95Screenshot9520210725-20572095Facebook.jpg

I've done very little to it for reasons of being in a pretty good quality original
don't start. i drove my '65 300 bone stock, point triggered, o.e. carb, mechanical regulator, everything as it came from the factory except for dual exhaust and double master cyl. for nine years without a spec of trouble. great car. mine was a rat. yours is beautiful. have fun.
Welcome to the site. Great looking car and nice that you can remember your dad this way.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And… Formal shows are great, but my kids and I really enjoy the cars and coffee meet ups. We get to see a ton of different cars and they are not ‘stuck’ at a car show all day. Cars and coffees are a great compromise.

Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.