For Sale Not Mine 1940 Chrysler Windsor - $6,200 - Wichita, Kan.

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    Sep 8, 2020
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    This car is not mine, just found it on FB and am posting it here…
    At the time of posting, this FB listing is 1 day old.

    1940 Chrysler Windsor - $6,200 - Wichita, Kansas

    FB Description

    Oldie but Goldie Selling grandpas Car Ran perfectly fine when parked been parked for a little while no leaks rides good the flat head 6 engine Turns over just fine has recently been restored in the early 2000s text are call anytime for more info has clean Kansas title in hand

    138092593_10218960851477664_9108724782403203354_o.jpg 138669650_10218960850157631_1284994043153275434_o.jpg 138948214_10218960849517615_8229715994445687663_o.jpg 138427266_10218960850037628_8165501382169723983_o.jpg 138669650_10218960850157631_1284994043153275434_o.jpg 138121006_10218960852197682_5543721248316566983_o.jpg 138065066_10218960852317685_8539589896477528196_o.jpg 138106514_10218960848877599_7236397091501297391_n.jpg

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