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Sep 25, 2013
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1970 Plymouth Fury Sport | eBay

1970 Plymouth Fury Sport
1970 Plymouth Sport Fury 440

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Well, it hurts me to post this, but it's looking like I'm going to have to sell my beloved 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury.

In any event, I purchased this in Montana 2 years ago and then after driving it for a couple months, did a near complete tear down and started a restoration (I have loads of restoration pictures). It's an origina 383-2 car, but now has a strong 1969 440 in it. Engine has not been rebuilt, but runs great. Has a new Edelbrock carb on it.

I'll list all that I did or had done (that I can currently remember. I have all receipts for work done and parts):
  • Transmission completely rebuilt
  • Total rebuild of front suspension and steering, including rebuilt original steering box and MOOG suspension and steering parts
  • Wiper motor rebuild and restoration
  • Fender wells removed, media blaster, and powder coated
  • Windshield and rear window removed; removed rot in window channel and welded in new metal; painted and correctly sealed
  • removed partial driver's side quarter panel that was crushed in and partial replaced panel (more on this later)
  • Small rot at bottom of fenders removed and new metal welded in
  • Paint completely stripped off car down to bare metal. New primer and correct Poly Teal Metallic PPG paint, base/clear used.
  • Interior completely gutted
  • Replaced headliner with correct headliner material from SMS
  • Correct original vinyl purchased from SMSl seat covers made to correct pattern and specs (my seat guy had enough hours in it to charge $7K due to all the correct inserts and pleating)
  • Brand new dash pad purchased from ABC Moparts
  • New arm rest bezels purchased from ABC.
  • New window felts
  • Restored and modernized original radio. Now has aux jack to play an iPhone or whatnot.
  • New front and rear speakers
  • New carpet. Dynamat and liner used throughout
  • New heater core and rebuilt heater box
  • New glovebox
  • New tires
  • Molding polished and new 3M inserts installed
  • New gas tank
  • New rear shocks
  • New A/C compressor, dryer, and hoses (updated modern compressor; also have the original compressor)
  • New a/c-heater blower motor
  • Electrical issues fixed by reputable show
  • Brake hoses replaced
  • New vinyl top with correct material and seams from SMS
  • Restored seatbelts with new webbing
  • Complete new accurate exhaust system with correct bends and mufflers used on cars with a Hemi in 1970 on it. Sounds great!
  • Front and rear bumpers had dents taken out and rechromed
I'm sure I'm missing some stuff on the list. I also have the lower rocker moldings, which isn't on the car at the moment.

Now for the bad:
  • At the moment, I have not yet installed the A/C equipment (aside from the heater box and A/C vents
  • The trunk floor still needs replacement. I have just not gotten around to it. I have a good replacement trunk floor that will come with the car.
  • The quarter panel issue. Basically, this comes down to my skills, or lack thereof, but there was filler failure after paint. I had way too much filler on it for my liking. I have more than enough paint to repaint it. A good body man should be able to fix what is there. I can get additional pictures of what is happening now with it, but it'll need to be repaired if you want the car to look perfect.
So that's about it. If you have any additional questions, please contact me.

As you can imagine, I'm taking a big loss on the car at this price, but I realize a few things need to be taken care of. You can either fix the few issues or run it as is and fix later. The car runs really strong (took it from Phoenix to LA and back with zero issues).

Buyer is to arrange for shipping. I can easily drop the car off wherever you may need for shipping purposes.

Thanks about it. Thanks for listening.
Post#4 aside, I thought it would be nice to point out how well this OP presented his ad. It was very well thought out and meticulous. I was impressed with it. The OP seemed to be making as much effort as he could to state all the ups and downs about his Fury.., and the project left ahead for any buyer. If I was interested in this car, I would feel much more confident with regard to who(m?) I was dealing with right off the bat, in comparison to so many others that I have dealt with. We will comment endlessly about someone who places a "Scheister" ad, why not compliment someone who places a great and honest ad?
Probably wouldn't take much to perfect this car. Asking price might be a tad high considering the work still to be done but a good starting point for negotiations. A beautiful car just the same.
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