For Sale Parting 3 c bodies

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I need the dashpad from the newport. color and condition please
What color is the interior on the newport?
I'm in need of a gold glovebox in perfect color condition.
No problem. Some of us understand your pain. I'm a 12 hr 7 days guy myself.
Thanks for giving many of us opportunity for parts!
Update, i am still trying to find time around our work schedules (he travels alot) and i just work to much to grab the cars i believe i did convince him to sell the formal as a "driver" it will need the basics i am absolutely sure but it does run and move, $3500 starting price on that with a title the other 2 cars i still haven't got home yet i iknow it's not much of an update but im trying
Hi, I'd be interested in the blue car's door pull straps if they're blue and in good shape. Thanks!
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