Picking a new torque converter

No it's not going out until I can get the weight knocked off of it.
I have done this before on a buddies car. They put a 318 in place of a 360 and it vibrated like hell. I looked and saw that big balance weight on the TQ. No more problem after the weight was gone. It you have a small grinder try to grinding on the weld spots then a chisel should break it off.
well good to see you found your problem...since ma mopar didnt paint their converters pretty purple i suspect you already have some sort of performance converter in there...i think the ring gear area looks wider than i recall mine being, so could be smaller diameter converter...have to look at my spare one when i get back to the shop...i know my stock one had 2 smaller square weights that were flush with the face of the converter rather than a triangular one that hung off the edge like that (other reason i suspect its a smaller converter)
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It is done.
I was always told forged crank 440's need a neutral balance TC and flex plate. I think the guy who built the engine used an external balanced "heavy duty" converter.
The 70-71 440 HP (375hp and 6-pack) used heavier rods that required external balancing.
Whether used in 72-later is unknown to me.

Regardless of that, the problem has been found, the TC was not correct for the application.
And it does look like a smaller-dia unit, too.