Power Window Thin Washer Location


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Aug 9, 2013
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When I read about these motors I saw mention of the "thick" washer on the end of the shaft. When I took the motor apart I looked for it and thinking there might be a thin one as well, not sure why I thought that. I didn't see one as I pulled the gear housing off looking carefully with a pick through the grease. Then after I had the motor completely apart I see a thin washer laying by the motor? Figured I'd be extra careful on the next one, nothing. Ok? Then I did both the rears and nothing. After I clean all the parts blasting them with brake-clean outside (motor back together with no shaft assembly). Parts back inside, I take them apart so I could clean the motor bodies and paint them. Then I see another thin washer on my work area. I had put new clean pads down between the initial teardown and the clean teardown and the washer looked clean.

They are appear to be nonmetallic (or at least nonmagnetic)

Where do these go?
Either I'm missing two more or they are still in place, or?


To answer my own question (maybe).

In looking at the brush head I see copper in two of them, and not the other two. If I tap on them they sound different, on mor metallic (the copper one).

Is this where they go?



It's a matter of getting the spacing correct for the end play of the armature and worm gear.

I'll look through my pics first thing tomorrow and see if I can tell you more. I can't do it right now (sorry)
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Here's a shot of where the thicker thrust washer is on the end of the shaft. The thicker washer goes between this thick thrust washer and the bronze bushing in the housing.


Here's a pic of the end with the thinner washer sitting on the bench and you can see the bronze bushing down the hole.


This pic was to show assembly of the springs, but if you look at the top of the pic, that's the end of the worm gear without the washer.


In looking at the brush head I see copper in two of them, and not the other two. If I tap on them they sound different, on mor metallic (the copper one).

So, I think what you are seeing is the washer still stuck in two of the ends and out of the others.


Going by other worm gear assemblies and motors I've messed with over the years (non automotive) it's possible these thin washers were there to adjust the worm gear fore and aft. It's very likely that they came in slightly different thickness and the person assembling the motor choose the correct thickness washer to shim the shaft accordingly. They might all be the same size too.... I always like to keep the assemblies segregated to each motor so I don't have to figure out any of that.

Of course, there is an adjustment for the worm at the end so I could be completely wrong about different thickness washers too. I'd mic the thicknesses just for grins.