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Jul 1, 2023
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Savage, MN
Looking for some advice on pulley alignment. I did an engine swap in my 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury from a Poly 318 to a 1968 383. The 383 did not include all the bracketry so I have a mixed bag on the pulleys and brackets. In order to make it work, I spaced out the alternator bracket to hit the second groove on the pulleys, power steering uses the first groove. My goal is to remove the alternator spacers and get it aligned properly.

The pictures show the installed alignment and a comparison of the 2 and 3 groove pulley dimensions. I think the 3 groove will stand off less from the crank and when the spacers are removed from the alternator it should line up? The car does not need the 3 groove pulley and it is heavier than the 2 groove. I found on ebay a 1965 318 Poly 2 groove pulley that looks about the same stand-off dimension as the 3-groove but not sure it will bolt to the crank. Does anyone know:
1). I am looking at this correctly-is there a different way to solve this?
2). Will the 1965 pulley bolt to the 1968 crank-are the bolt patterns the same?

Appreciate any help you can offer.
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Much appreciated for the resources...I will do some digging.
I think your going to want matching Big block pulleys for a non A/C application
I did a quick search and found this, I know there is more out there also.

Engine Front End Kits-440 Source

Murray may be able to help with some used parts
Murray B. Park - Used and NOS Parts for Chrysler, Imperial, Dodge, Desoto, and Plymouth
Murray B. Park was the answer...great resource. Turns out to be the stock power steering pump bracket I used off of the original 318 poly! The parts are on the way. Thanks again for the resources!