Remind me how many bolts on 68 steering gear box


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Oct 26, 2018
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Parker, CO
Have a 68 Chrysler Newport 383. Got the bright idea to get a storage unit for winter. While it's there I'm pulling the steering gear box to get rebuilt. Sucks forgetting tools and going back and forth. Anyways, I got the steering column disconnected, the cotter pin pulled off the Pittman arm, and I got 2 visible bolts from the under side pulled. This bad boy aint budging for nothing. Is there a 3rd bolt I'm missing? Tough doing it with just a shop light in the dark and some internet searches pull up all sorts of models except mine. I lost my repair manual recently.
A picture tells a thousand words....\

EDIT: found a couple better pics.


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Thanks. Not sure that looks like mine though. This looks like 3 from the top down. I had 2 back facing on the bottom. Guess maybe I'm missing a 3rd but doesn't look like this one

That’s the same as what you have in post#2. Get the other bolt out.
Found it. Literally so much grease and oil build up there it was caked and hidden. And I'm working in the dark with a shop light on my back. Should have it out tomorrow to rebuild. Had to get a Pittman arm puller and I'll get it off the control arm