WANTED RHS rearview mirror for a 1969-1970 Dodge or Chrysler: P/N 2999126 or 2945610 or 3586738

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Jan 30, 2012
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Regina, my 1970 FQ3 Polara 'vert, needs a passenger-side rearview mirror. Does anyone have the correct part for sale? @MajorPayne and @T-revorNobody have found what they needed, and now I hope that I will find one too.

This ragtop was built with a remote LHS mirror, but it did not leave the factory with a RHS mirror (which would be P/N 2945610 companion to remote). So ideally what I need is the dealer-installed companion-to-remote mirror (which should be P/N 2999126 -- but the NOS mirror that Trevor found has that part number, and it looks like an original factory-installed unit). To understand the difference between the two, see @Big_John 's post here (for more details, see his post here): in a nutshell, the dealer-installed companion-to-LHS-remote mirror has openings on the base for two external screws, probably so that the interior panel does not have to be removed prior to installation.

To the best of my knowledge, the same two mirrors should work on all 1969-1970 Chryslers and Dodge C-bodies. According to a helpful post by @Dobalovr, both of those mirror part numbers were later superseded by P/N 3586738 .

Bottom line, I'll take any of those three mirrors for Regina. So if anyone has an NOS or nice 2999126 / 2945610 / 3586738 mirror for sale, please PM me! Tagging @kyle340 @C Body Bob @70 Sport Suburban in case they have one that I've missed.
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