Rookie Brake Question

Isaiah Estrada

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Jan 20, 2020
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Santa Maria, CA
As I’m starting to regain momentum on my neglected 68, I’ve shifted focus to (in my opinion) the most IMPORTANT system of them all - the braking system. I was lucky enough to score a set of 72 disc brakes for my car and they’ve been connected almost 2 years now.

However, now that it’s time to plumb up the brakes - I’m figuring out how to make everything work. Namely, the routing from the MC to the new Metering / Proportioning valve (is there a difference?)

Yes, I know it isn’t a factory style valve but I’d rather spend the money on something new that will work just as great. Mounting it was an issue, as the location for the original Drum / Drum valve didn’t have enough clearance or even the proper mounting hole for the new valve. My friend was nice enough to make me a custom bracket that actually sits up in a good spot on the drivers side frame rail.


There’s a diagram that explains this valve perfectly


Note that there’s is a fitting labeled FRONT MASTER CYLINDER PORT “R”

and another labeled


this is how i interpreted the labels


Am I backwards? Would like to know before I begin to bend any line.

Here’s a pic of the same style valve on another C. Someone sent it to me but I can’t remember who..

Nice bracket. Keep in mind that you'll have a challenge accessing the bracket's mounting bolt with the fender on - that's why the others all mount with the bolt on the INBOARD side of the stub frame rail.

I believe you're on the right track with the port labelling, but there are others here more qualified to answer than I regarding that.
I could be wrong, but something looks incorrect with the labeling on that proportioning valve.

Usually, everything for the font brakes is on one side of the switch, and the rear on the other side of the switch. I'll see if I can find any additional info on Saturday.

The bigger reservoir is for the front brakes. Generally its to the rear of the MS the front get fluid first that way.
What's up with that pipe on you exhaust? Is that a temporary fix?

The car doesn’t drive, that was just clamped on so we could break in the motor and direct the fumes outside.

This is pretty much how it looks now. After my brakes are plumbed and I get my dash back from being re-wired / upgraded I can get the car moving under its own power and off to the muffler shop!

Before driving my '67 Monaco out of storage after 20 years, about a year and a half ago, I replaced the MBC (it was leaking) even though it didn't have many miles on it - in 1987 it was MBC #2. I think I still have MBC #1. Here's a photo of MBC 2 and the new MBC:


The new MBC has what looks like evenly-sized reservoirs, MBC #2 clearly does not. Offhand I don't recall which chamber went to the front brakes.

And yea, the bracket for the fluid distribution block will interfere with the inner wheel well cowel sitting flush against the frame.
I totally forgot about checking into the brake valve on the weekend. Will try to do it tonight when I get back home.