Soft lines for ‘73 disc brake conversion? / What Steel Rims Work?

Isaiah Estrada

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Jan 20, 2020
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Santa Maria, CA
We are pretty much done with the brake lines up front !! Didn’t get the chance to take pics before I left, but they are where they need to be. Now the challenge is to find the right soft hose for the calipers. My New Yorker was originally a Drum / Drum car but I’ve since upgraded to a ‘73 style disc brake setup.

So what hoses work for those of you who’ve done the conversion?

Also, I found a nice set of factory disc brake wheel covers and I’m wondering if there’s a specific rim I need to run these caps?
Standard steel 15". Those are the same as were on my '68 Dodge Monaco 500. I think they may have been used on the Charger as well.

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All of the factory disc brakes on C-bodies have always had 15" wheels.
NAPA 36756...73 fury...the drum brake hose points upward, i drilled another hole for the retaining tab on the hose bracket and rebent the metal line so the hose became more horizontal

On my 68 fury I used the old 15x7 cop car wheels 20 yrs ago when they were strong,cheap and readily available...4 1/4 inch backspace...don't know about your body style but mine's pretty low and I only have about an inch of clearance up front with the wheel turned between the tire and outer fender well bolt with 225 70's...pretty sure it would hit with an 8 inch rim