Silver Sport Transmissions A41 4-speed Overdrive Question

The holy grail is no tunnel mods. That's why the smaller cases are used. It's why I have an a500.

47rh in my brother's charger with 650/650 power from a stroker however. Cross member had to be cut out and fabbed flat in the tunnel.
I believe that the 4L60 is a less than desirable transmission (I read junk). I believe that the 4L80 is the GM transmission to seek.
But why do this at all?

If someone was a traveling salesman, driving all over, this may have merit, if it was a 4L80.

Pass for myself and ceveat emptor for all considering…
1. The 4L60E doesn't require cutting up the floor or the cross member; and 2. the ability to change out the bell housing and tail cone, rather than using an adapter plate.
Hey guys! I'm Kevin Shaw, Editor-in-Chief of Mopar Connection Magazine ( We do a lot of work with Silver Sport Transmissions and they showed particular interest in adapting their "A41" 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission kit for our '70 Plymouth Fury III convertible project car.

But as is with all things, they're curious if anyone else in the C-body community would be interested in updating their C-body with the similar kit. The A41 begins with a 4L60E or 4L65E overdrive transmission that is fitted with a Chrysler bellhousing (SB or B/RB) and a modified tail cone. It can be adapted to be manually shifted or use a TCM.

They currently have kits for A, B and E-bodies and they wanted to to branch out into C-bodies, so I'm here to help gauge public interest. Obviously, this isn't for everyone (particularly those who are restoring their builds per factory) but for those looking to modify their Mopars.

I'll try to answer as many questions as I can, but I am NOT an employee of SST, just a friendly messenger.

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Dependent on the details I could be interested.