WANTED Slab Side New Yorker Parts

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Nov 6, 2022
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Upstate New York
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Hello all, I own a 1968 Chrysler New Yorker 4 door. It's currently away getting the brake drums and electrical redone. I'm currently looking for a few internal/external parts to finish it up. The parts include:

Interior pillar panels, preferably metal ones from a 67 as they are more durable than my 68's plastic ones. But plastic will do of course! (And preferably with the holes for the cigarette lighters but if they don't have it that's fine too.)

Rear Interior armrests and brackets with ashtrays (many leads found)

Rear Interior door handle/lever (many leads found)

Rear Interior pull bar (still looking)

Rear door lock knobs

(Not sure why but the previous owners kind of gutted the rear doors)

On the outside of the car it only needs a new raido antenna, old one snapped off presumably from sitting outside for decades.

Hope to get some help! I'm also emailing the c body guy from Ohio for some of these as well as Ebay.
Not open for further replies.