The Great Pumpkin, A 22,000 Mile Survivor FK3 1970 Fury III 4-Door Hardtop

Hi All,

It's been a little while since I gave an update on the pumpkin. I just now found out the previous owner we bought the car from is or was a member here......

Great Pumpkin

So What's New On The Pumpkin??.....

1) The car is now back home from its recent trip to our body and paint friend who is restoring the S/23, who used the car as a guide to make sure the quarter panels are aligned good and straight on the S/23.

2) The engine of the car is now repainted, and some hoses were also replaced although I tried convincing my stepdad not to :rolleyes::BangHead: . The air cleaner, fender wells, core support, and firewall were all left alone and NOT repainted since they have factory markings on them ALTHOUGH they were polished up.

3) The car had an oil leak of some sort but that is now all fixed

4) The car got a good used windshield washer fluid bottle instead of the old cracked one. The GOOD NEWS is I saved the old one for the future so it can go back to original.

5) The car will be going for a new 2.25 dual with factory like tip turndown exhaust system, (and again after I tried convincing my stepdad not to :rolleyes::BangHead:) in 2 weeks from now on Monday morning. Again the GOOD NEWS is when the old exhaust is taken off the car I will be saving it, (meaning the tailpipe and original muffler) for the future to go back to original.

6) The car is registered for Carlisle 2022 (along with the S/23) and WILL BE in the survivor tent display, (so stop on by and check the car out and say hello if you wish).

Otherwise that is all for now, and I do have update pictures that I will try to remember to post. I will also try and get pictures of the old exhaust as it comes off, and pictures of when the new exhaust system when it goes on.

Thanks for looking.
Great to hear - and I'll be looking forward to seeing The Great Pumpkin in person at Carlisle........ which reminds me I need to get my registration done........
Hi everybody,

Just letting you all know I got an update on the ol' Pumpkin; and sadly (at least for me) tomorrow is the day that the car will be going to exhaust shop tomorrow afternoon. As I said I will try to possibly get pictures of the old and new exhaust taking off and putting on process if I can. I also forgot to mention that the car will also be getting an H pipe when it gets the new exhaust done tomorrow too. As far as what type of mufflers it will get; that is still yet to be determined as my stepdad says the exhaust guy will get those and it is technically whatever the guy can get when the car gets to him. After the exhaust gets done hopefully by sometime next week, the brake hoses will get changed next because they are actually original and all cracked and unsafe so my stepdad says. More updates to come soon.

As a side note though I am going to start creating an information binder soon on the car for Carlisle, and I looked through the car to see what I can find to put in it and I found this in the cigarette ashtray, a neat little trinket shirt button that will be displayed with the car. Sorry the picture is a bit blurry and looks like crap but I took it with my phone as I do with all my pictures, on the yellow side it says "Let The People Vote On War" and on the black side it says "Vietnam Referendum 70"......

button 1.jpg

button 2.jpg
Hi everyone,

Well the ol' Pumpkin was brought to the exhaust shop today. I personally talked to the guy who will be doing the work and who is also the shop owner and asked him if he can document the work that he will do, and he said he will take some pictures for me! I also asked him if he can save the old original exhaust for me because I want it to maybe use it to put back on the car in the future, and he said sure thing no problem BUT it will be in pieces BUT it could be welded back together. In my opinion I don't care and that is fine with me as long as I have it because it is original to the car.

My stepdad says to me about the old exhaust that "you don't need it, it's junk, you're a hoarder" and blah blah blah; and that all maybe so and some may agree with my stepdad and think I'm nuts and some might agree with me. My goal is to save everything I can that is original for this car because it's a rare car so to speak with it being the color it is and all the documents it has and all that. So far I saved the original washer bottle from the car since it was replaced with another one. Maybe I take after FURYGT, billyfury, or Trev too much
Oh, and I forgot to add that the cars new exhaust will be done by the end of this week into early next week.

This is all for now, more to come!
Hi everybody,

I got an update. The car came back home today back from the exhaust shop with its new custom 2.25 dual exhaust; my stepdads friend who is restoring the S/23 and is also a member here went and got the car for him because him and I were at work today. What I find strange though is that the old original exhaust was NOT with the car when I looked at it when I got home, so I will go to the shop tomorrow morning and see if he still has it with pictures of the work for me too. Pictures to come soon!