The S/23 Is Now Famous!!


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Mar 8, 2019
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Berlin, CT
Please Note: I am not bragging or rubbing this in anyone's face by any means. I just wanted to tell everyone because I thought it was a very cool and honorable moment and weekend, I will never forget and I am still in shock over part of it after 3 months. Now I'm even more in shock, never did I think we would have a "tv car" for 30 seconds. The story goes like this.....

We as a family every other year go to the Adirondack Nationals; a FANTASTIC & HUGE hotrod/car show hosted in Lake George NY every year. Each year they have different special celebrities. One year they had Horny Mike and Roli from Counting Cars, another year they had Steve Darnell from the Welderup show, and another year they had Bogi from All Girls Garage. Last year in 2021 they had Dave Kindig from Bitchin Rides. We went and took the S/23 last year to the show and I was very happy and surprised because we won Favorite Mopar, and the car got on TV!!

It really is an honor to win any award nevermind Favorite Mopar because winning an award at this show is very tough because there are so many beautiful cars. We took the car to the same show here back in 2017 and Mr. Kindig was again a special guest, and the fellow who picked the car to get our award was the same exact fellow who said "you might get an award". What a coincidence and how cool is that?!.

Mr. Kindig's camera crew guys were at the show and filming for an upcoming episode featuring the show, and we were just so sitting behind the car when they started filming it. The episode is Season 8 episode 10 called New York New York. While they were doing their thing, I talked to them a little and asked (like an idiot) if we were gonna be on tv and they said that Mr. Kindig liked the car and was saying to his crew how big it was so I wasn't so sure until now. Unfortunately though when he as looking at the car we were looking at other cars, so we didn't get to meet him. I first would really like to thank @SIPLOWGUY for texting me this morning and showing me the video of the car from the episode as I posted the following pictures below here also Pics of 69-73 C bodies, because we do not get the channel on our tv.

I secondly would like to thank some REALLY nice folks a bunch too, who stopped and helped us out because the cars ignition coil gave us some **** one night too when we were on the road and it left us for dead.

All and all, the weekend started out shitty but turned out better in the end.

Here are some pictures of the car and the trophy.....

The camera crew filming the car.....

A 2nd picture of the trophy, this was the next day after we got it at a special winners only awards ceremony.....

Here is a video also from the show that shows the car, start at 40:15. Then at 40:40 you will see my dumbass holding my lunch and fixing the sales brochure :lol:.......
Thanks for sharing the video.
It's good to see so many great cars in the wintertime without a car show here, especially when they're in motion!
Congrats my man. And brag away. We are like a family here and these cars are like our kids. So your S/23 winning an award makes me a proud uncle!
I was happy to send you that! Looking forward to meeting you and Dad at the Nationals!

Same here, I'm VERY happy you sent it. I am looking forward to meeting you as well, and especially seeing that blue 4-door slant 6 Fury. Thank you again!
Did Mr Kindig offer to fix your convex rear window to get the roofline right? :rofl:

Just kidding, congrats, that's awesome!
I was there. That is one gorgeous S23. It was nice to talk with SportFury70. He doesn't come off as someone who likes to brag. Congratulations