tilt, telescopic steering wheel removal.


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Dec 21, 2023
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In regards to a 1966 imperial with tilt and telescopic steering wheel, i am wanting to take the steering wheel off to inspect the turn signal switch actuator and cable and to see if i can repair the shift indicator, does the telescopic part come off as a whole unit or is it an intricate job, ( piece by piece) asking before i tear into it just so i have an idea what i'm in for, either way i'll figure it out, but i thought maybe someone has had some experience with this, also any diagrams or pictures would be great, Thanks in advance

It's intricate in a straightforward way.

The most difficult thing will be the sheet metal collar that is underneath the stainless steel collar, and if you need to replace the turn signal switch, it has to come off.

Here's a post I just did with tips about that part: Steering collar removal

Take pictures of everything. Mark the location of the 3 screws that hold the big flange bolt with all the holes around the edge. Makes it easier to reinstall it properly, or you'll likely fiddle with it getting it right so that the telescope can function and lock properly.

Removing the horn contact ring is also tough - you need to make a special tool to depress the horn contact ring without busting it, so you can slide out the great big C clip.
Here's a post where making the tool and how to use it is described: Is this legit? (Turn signal cam)
Do you have a steering wheel puller?

Here's your instructions: If you see a screw or a nut, remove it. Put the loose parts in a zip lock back for eventual reassembly. Take a few photos along the way.

You'll eventually get down to the retaining nut. Remove it, then apply the puller, then the wheel comes off. The switch will then be visible.


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By the way, can you be more specific as to what the issue is with the turn signals? Most of the time it's the adjustment of the actual switch unit which in 65/66 columns is down at the bottom of the column and not underneath the steering wheel. Typically, if left alone, the cancel cam assembly under the wheel is trouble free.