Today's unsuspected barn find 1976 Town and Country

Out and about.


Around 1990 or so, a black New Yorker with Imperial front end and emblems was making its way around the European American-car car shows. I want to say it had either Swedish or German registration, I've been looking for a picture of that in my old picture collection. It was a very cool "one-of-none".
Changed oil. Radiator fluid is green as can be and was full to the top.
Brake fluid is a little cloudy but nothing like what I am used to finding. Will change out what's in the MC just because.
Transmission fluid is red and does not smell burnt by any means.
Power steering was perfect level and feels slick.
Have not checked the rear yet but I suspect it will get changed as well.

4 barrels opened up just fine when she hit the highway. Was like a boat on the open ocean.
Radio came on and the first song she played was I shot the sheriff by Eric Clapton.
Some of the electric windows work, some do not. Luckily the rear window works.
The wiper switch is broken so I need a new switch in order to operate the wipers.
Blinkers all work. Only one of the duel brake lights are out.

Quietest 440 I have owned.
She'll just spin the tires in dirt. So just enough power to move her big ole butt.

The test comes when I start her the next time as I am not sure if there is going to be a parasitic battery bleed. We will see.
Unfortunately I am working 12-14 hour days at the moment and don't even have a chance to look at her for a few days.

I am very pleased with the car. First station wagon I have driven.

When my family moved to Colorado we packed up what few items we had into a buick wood grain station wagon and drove cross country.
I have a bit of a soft spot for the wood grain.
There is a build sheet under the drivers seat and a build sheet under the carpet in the rear.
The carpet in the rear appears to be glued down on the edges so I have not decided if I should try to pull that up and retrieve that broadcast sheet.
The one under the seat might be retrievable but the seat is huge so I have not even looked to see what it takes to loosen and tilt back to get that sheet.