Today's unsuspected barn find 1976 Town and Country

The owner does not know if the car was originally purchased by their family but says the family owned it very early if not the first owners.
The car cranked with a battery.
It will be coming home in the next day or so.
Better pictures to come. I'll start a new thread about the car when I get her home.
Late build, SPD July 1. Too nice and complete for Derbyville! So, did'ya snag this lovely gem? Looks like a 1988 license plate tab on that late '70s-very early '80s issue Colorado plate.

That was a beautiful wagon when new. Great colors.

701 SPD 624 door sticker. The car was built before the scheduled date.

How often was this the case?
I can't say that I have actually seen one built before the SPD before nor have I seen you bring that up before.
You may remember this early build 1975 Imperial: SPD 819, however, MDH 812:



One week early!
How often was this the case?
I can't say that I have actually seen one built before the SPD before nor have I seen you bring that up before.
I’ve not done enough research or seen anything in depth but from what I have seen, I believe that if you compare the total number of cars built “early”, or the number of days it was built before the SPD, and “late “ or the number of days a car was built after the SPD, you’d reach an average of around 0 or right on the SPD.

Meaning for every car built two days early, there was a car built two days late and the “average “ of all cars built relative to the SPD is zero.

So the answer to how often did this happen would be “frequently “.

Again, another reason to save and take pictures of fender tags, door stickers, broadcast sheets and other factory documents.
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There are no rear wheel lip moldings.
What is actually missing is fender skirts.
Will take a lot of witk yo get back on the road but rust free is always a big bonus.
MDH stands for Month-Day-Hour. This abbreviation is printed in the left lower corner of the door sticker. The first four digits of the sequence that is stamped to the right of the abbreviation indicate the month and day.


As to its function, the U.S. Statement of Compliance (SOC) label is usually found on the inside of the driver’s side door pillar and states that the vehicle complies with all applicable U.S. motor vehicle safety standards in effect on the date of manufacture (from a 2010 post on an unrelated forum).
And she is home. Well, if she is a she. I have no name yet as it has not spoken to me with exception of one little cough.










If anyone has any of the parts that you see missing I will gladly work a deal with ya.
Passengers door mirror
drivers rear door panel
side trim pieces
rear door letters
Rear seat bottom

That's the list at the moment. I'll start a new thread as I get working on it.
Congrats on pickin up the 76 T&C.
Found a coll video for you...

That was indeed one worth saving. If I didn't have the one I bought last year, I definitely would have been game to buy that one! Incredible how solid and rust free it is. I wish I had the heavy tow package so badly! I have been on the hunt for one with the tow package I can score all the stuff off of. I will be excited to watch your progress on cleaning this one up.
Congrats on pickin up the 76 T&C.
Found a coll video for you...

Great video!

I like the criticism directed at Ford's pillared hardtop against the much more functional ChryCo solution with framed side glass. I bet Ford promotional material extolled the elegant frameless side glass over the stodgy appearance of its competitors.

Chevrolet's clam shell is also a sight to behold. Even now (2023) it looks futuristic. I wonder if it causes headaches to present owners of these 45+ years old cars.