WANTED Tower (center piece) for Chrysler road wheel 70s and 80s.

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Dec 16, 2022
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I need a bolt on center tower for one of these road wheels. It has casting number/part number 3699011 on the back of it. I don't really need the cap that goes with it but will take it that way if you have it. I saw a few of these at the Nats but didn't think to pick up a spare. Now one of mine has the attaching threads stripped out and won't stay on the car.
Could you repair the threads with a Heli-coil ?
I've not had any experience with doing that
Basically, what you would be doing is drilling the hole with the drill included in the Heli Coil set. Tap a new thread with the tap provided and insert a stainless-steel coil as a new stronger thread. First thing to do is determine what size fastener you have, then purchase the repair kit for that size. Fairly straight forward, and a good skill to know.

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