Found Wanted 1972 or 1973 Imperial LeBaron 4 Door

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Dec 26, 2021
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Gurnee, IL
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I am looking for a 1972 or 1973 Imperial LeBaron again. I am willing to trade a clean California 1970 Dart Custom if it has not sold yet. It has to be the right car. Looking for Sentinel headlamps, power vent windows, and rear defogger No preference on color as long as it is not silver or white. Thank you.
Looking for and finding the next '72 0r '73 Imperial is one of the best parts of life... next to rescuing dogs. That body style is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
I missed a great opportunity on a 73 yesterday and I’m pissed. It was a true barn find survivor with everything untouched except for the belts.

I will say that getting to experience an Imperial was amazing. It was bar none the most comfortable seat I have ever sat in.
I am torn between them. It is my understanding the 72 has a Holley 4160/73 has a Thermoquad; 72 electronic ignition was optional/73 standard; 73 has EGR and 10 less hp; 73 has more insulation than the 72 and more.
I prefer 73 for the better Thermoquad, the electronic ignition, sound deadening, etc... Egr can be capped, good tune and dual exhaust adds some good power.
But, offering a Dart for an Imperial isn't grabbing my interest at all.
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