Welcome SuperDave to FCBO!

Greetings and salutations mortals!

I acquired a 73 4door Newport at work (part time mechanic for a taxicab outfit). PO left it with a previous mechanic to fix, who no longer works for us. I'm told it's been here for 3 years. Got it to run & sent a certified letter to last known registered owner after a title search. No response. So after 30 days we got a clear title after filing a storage lien. Now it's mine.

It has a 400 2bbl, straight body, good upholstery, a little rust under the rear quarters, original paint. 15"steel wheels with dog dish hubcaps (only 3). Someone before me put in a 4 core aluminum radiator, electric fans and electric fuel pump in it, & ladder bar shackles.

Our plans are to make it a hot rod. 1st thing we did (after getting it to run) is drop it 3". Exhaust was half missing and was rusted bad, so it's gone now. Presently it now wears open block hugger headers. I recently ordered a set of 15" aluminum Magnum 500s with matching Bullseye center caps from Summit. Future plans include an Edelbrock top end kit (heads, cam & lifters), 4bbl carb, flat top pistons, fresh bearings & oil pump, dual exhaust, and rebuilding the TF727 with a stage 2 shift kit and a good torque converter. Maybe a chrome GT steering wheel, floor shifter & aftermarket gauges.

Not my 1st choice for a project car, but a running mopar big block for free is a bargain any day. It has potential. 90% of what we're doing can be transferred to a muscle car later if desired.