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May 27, 2019
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Macomb MI
Wondering what wheels you guys got on your cars. I've currently got 15" rally wheels on my 68 300. But looking to change it up. Would love to see pictures of your cars and the wheel setup!! Thanks!!

I asked a similar question about my 68 300 just the other day on the Slab Side Pictures thread. There are some great pics on the last couple of pages.

But what was most beneficial for this specific topic (looking at pictures of wheels) was being redirected to this thread: C-Body Wheel and Tire Survey

Lots and lots of pictures there.

(I have decided on Magnum 500s BTW)
I'm mostly a non-stock wheel non-fan, BUT since you could have easily ordered a 300 with Magnum wheels in 1968, those would be my choice..........
I'm mostly a non-stock wheel non-fan, BUT since you could have easily ordered a 300 with Magnum wheels in 1968, those would be my choice..........
This pic from the brochure that was posted was the clincher for me:

I have a convertible, but I think it will give it the slightly sportier look I am aiming for.

If I had drum brakes with the 14” wheels, I would be all over the 300 specific wheel covers, but I have 15”s because of the discs so Mags seem like the next best logical choice.
If you have 15" wheels w/disc brakes, you could also use these..................(not the easiest to find, though......)

AR Torque Thrust Ds are what's for me! The Shelby Cal 500s looked good too, but I have received far more comments about the Ds than the slots ever had.


Went from these to these today. Original 14's. Running 17x7 with 235/45r17 frt and 245/45r17 in rear. Boyd coddington wheels with 0 offset=4". Drum brakes up frt and left hand lugnuts still. Was worried about the spindle nut cover but no issues.
Before and after. I went from factory hub cabs white wall tires to factory, optional W23 road wheels with black wall tires.


First, let’s see a full picture of that gorgeous 68. The wheels can make a break a car. Sometimes the OE or another version of OE is the best way to go. In my opinion, you don’t wanna make the car look like something she’s not.

Why are you looking to get away from What’s on the car now?, what look at you going for?

I too have the Road Wheels on my 77, had considered at one time going with spokes or a type of wheel that expressed a touch of class, but then realized the road wheels did exactly that. Just my 2 Cents.

The car has 15" rally wheels on it now.

The 68 I'm selling has 17" american racing magnum style wheels on it.





nice, you have 2 scorch red 68s. When I first got my car it had 71 wheel covers and wide white Coker Classic bias ply tires. Then I put on the 15 inch Magnums with Cooper Trendsetters.
Well, much thanks to you all for sharing, I wanted cragars, but seems they are on an intergalactic backorder... So I went with the torq thrust 2 chrome. I love them on there, plays off of all the other chrome on the car!