whoever flagged my CL add you suck eggs

Wasn't me, but I do hate the original... I never respond well to that kind of pitch.

Curious, is that a fair market price in your area? I keep finding myself surprised by local pricing for driveline stuff.
Im with Jeff, are core driveline parts really going for that in your area? $2500 for a core 383 and tranny?? Seems a little nuts to me. Even $1500 is a bit high, though I’m a cheap S.O.B.
This^^^ I've talked with @71Polara383 about it, he's gotten some good money for running engines, and with @cantflip also, and we don't get it.

I had a guy tell me a 71 440 out of a NY'er was worth $1500 all day long, hadn't run since the 90's but just needed plugs and wires and it would run. Sure.

That '71 NY'er that's for sale for too much, but the engine can be had for 90% of the price with trans, or 80% of the price without trans. And it hasn't run for who know how long.

Most I ever paid was $500 for a running engine and it's still running in my Polara. Came out of a Formal, to save a Slab, no E bodies heled there.