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    One of those weeks... 1965 Chrysler

    Looks like it will dry out this weekend, so hopefully I'll get the pan pulled then. Could a problem with the rear servo cause the overall pressure problem? I don't really know, but have kind of assumed that was going bad based on the problem getting reverse sometimes that has been a thing for...
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    66 Chrysler 300 interior lights

    First of all, let's clarify. I assume you mean the lights for the speedometer & other gauges. Is that correct? They are supposed to light up when the parking lights or headlights are on. The brightness is controlled by turning the knob on the light switch. That adjusts a rheostat inside...
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    One of those weeks... 1965 Chrysler

    Monday & Tuesday I checked the pressure at the Line Pressure & Rear Servo ports. LINE PRESSURE PORT Cold start, high idle cam engaged, idling for less than 2 min. No kickdown D/2/1 pressure 68-73 psi Slight whine N/R/P pressure 0 psi Louder whine in R, quiet in N & P...
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    One of those weeks... 1965 Chrysler

    I do know that, but glad you asked. I'd rather find a stupid mistake than have to pull the transmission. :) @MONC440 "Yes you can check line pressure at the port on the passenger side. Warm it up first. Hook up your gauge, put the ebrake on and block the wheels. Should be at least 60 at idle...
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    One of those weeks... 1965 Chrysler

    @1970FuryConv Small world, I went to MSU '90-'92. Definitely not going to worry about the electrical till everything else is sorted, but over the years I've had a couple of alternators and regulators, and it seems like at minimum rpms (like stopped at a red light) the lights have always...
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    One of those weeks... 1965 Chrysler

    Projects get done at my Mom's house where there is more room to work. This is about a 20 min drive, and this morning looked like a good time to move the cars around. When I set off, reverse was still not engaging, but forward motion felt fine. Got across Lansing and the short freeway part...
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    One of those weeks... 1965 Chrysler

    Thank you all for the support & suggestions. :) @MONC440 Thank you for the offer of help, will definitely let you know what I find once I get into it. I was at LCC 1987-89, I'm guessing you were a few years later? @Big_John Kick is perhaps the wrong word, engages maybe? I'm certainly not...
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    One of those weeks... 1965 Chrysler

    The project for this summer is/was supposed to be replacing the top on my convertible. It was last done almost 20 years ago, and it has been pretty ratty for a couple of years. It isn’t 100% weather tight, but I normally park in the carport at Jen’s so it hasn’t been a problem. Ordered a new top...
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    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    That's a couple of great looking '65s. Mine isn't quite as nice, but I did redo the seats a couple of years ago, so the interior is not bad.
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    Pertti's 1970 Imperial Lebaron

    The picture of the interior with the lights on is great. Looks like it could have been in the advertising back then.
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    Oil Light issue

    Do the hot/cold lights and the parking brake light work? Those share the power feed with the oil light.
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    C bodies in motion thread

    Part of the Old 27 tour in Michigan last August.
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    NOT MINE 65 Newport

    The front seats are '65 New Yorker. Not sure about the rear, maybe '66 300?
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    Resuming a project after nine years!

    I guess it comes down to time vs money, but in my experience, UCA bushings are probably the single easiest part of redoing a front end.
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    1970 Seat Foam

    My picture was the '65 Foam. Which Legendary actually sells for all 1960-65 A B & C bodies, so it's pretty generic, but it did fit the frame well. I think the later seats all have higher backs, but don't know if they are all close enough to work. That 68-68 foam you linked to before should be...