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    71' 383 Newport Custom 2bbl->4bbl

    Best bang for the buck and fairly easy to do would be to swap in a set of 3.23 gears for the differential....great gear set that gives you good acceleration and good hwy speed cruising as well. I had 3.23's in my T/C wagon then thought the 2.76 would help with MPG and better hwy cruising...I...
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    71' 383 Newport Custom 2bbl->4bbl

    The kick down rod from the transmission to the intake throttle bracket should be the same, 2bbl or 4bbl, but the intake throttle bracket and rods will be different between 2bbl and 4bbl. You might be able to bend, cut, weld and modify the throttle bracket to work, but the mounting point for the...
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    Leaking New Brake Cylinders

    I recently installed some Centric rear wheel cylinders I got locally on my Coronet and they are horrible units! The castings did not fit the drum backing plates and I had to spend a hour on each one with a flapper wheel and hand files to get them to fit properly, then more time to keep filing...
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    All of a sudden low rough idle and no acceleration

    I'd start with looking for vacuum leaks...Check all hoses and make sure they are hooked up tight and if they all look good with no cracks or worn through holes on the backs of the lines then check for a loose carb or damaged carb gasket.
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    What did you do to your C-body today....

    Looking good! The thing with the TQ's is the set-up...I will spend 2 hours making sure every adjustment is perfectly within spec...makes for a much smoother and reliable carb, and makes the on motor adjustment that much easier as well.
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    What did you do to your C-body today....

    I doubt you will notice much of a ride difference. When I had my 70 Sport Fury I rebuilt my own rear leafs from a couple different sets, picked thicker and heavier individual leafs and added an extra leaf while I was at basically a 6 leaf HD set-up. Car went from a bit slushy in the...
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    Another Holy Grail C-body Resto Starts Here; 1970 Sport Fury S/23 "N" Code 383 4bbl

    And the quality of seals are just horrible. I have to redo hub seals on my 84 Cummins crewcab every year, front and rear, because they just don't last. I've tried them all from the cheapest to the most expensive and they fail prematurely.
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    66-69 4 Piston brake caliper rebuild questions....

    This for my 68 Coronet but since Ma' Mopar used the same basic 4 piston calipers on A/B/C-body cars, just different manufacturers I'm hoping someone may have some advice... Finally got my reseal kits for my brake calipers on my Coronet. Got the calipers off the car and pulled apart and have...
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    What are you working on today??

    I had to do a master cylinder and brake booster on my daughter 1988 Aries, as well as replace the power steering pump. The brake booster took a couple hours, master cylinder under 30 minutes but that power steering pump was a nightmare! I spent about 6.5 hours doing that job, Horrible...
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    What are you working on today??

    I've seen threads where people have used the "new" parts as rebuilds for their original calipers...remove the pistons and seals and swap to their OEM units.
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    A 98 dodge diesel question

    As DCMC mentioned head over to the Cummins truck forums and do some reading...I frequent these two sites.... 1st and 2nd Generation Ram - Years 1989-2002 - Dodge Diesel - Diesel Truck Resource Forums Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum
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    1968 Chrysler 300 convertible

    Welcome from the Great White North of Canada! Beautiful car...I have one of it's smaller brothers in the same colour...
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    Hello from Saskatchewan

    Welcome From the rapidly cooling north of BC.
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    65 sport fury fender tag decoding

    A lot of people have them off the car when it's being painted and then either don't have a paint code to get more paint mixed to paint the tag, or just don't care if it's body colour so just paint it bare metal grey and put it on the car. As long as the tag is present I personally don't care...