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    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Fresh from the body shop after backing it into the side of the garage. AC and posi the only options. Dan
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    Bulkhead connector

    On a separate thread I outlined how I found and fixed it. It was a combination of burned and too small a conductor feeding the instrument, parking & stop lights hidden under the bundle on the back side of the fuse block. The headlight intermittent was the bulkhead corrosion. Dan
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    1968 New Yorker Bulkhead and fuse panel problems/intermittent headlamps/park lamps

    This 3 year tale of woe wound up today with resolution that I want to share with the rest of you. I've owned a 68 New Yorker for 15 years and have put 55,000 hard miles on a 98,000 mile car. After owning and driving it for years, about 5 years ago I replaced the burned out side marker lamps. Not...
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    Bulkhead connector

    Thank you Dan
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    Bulkhead connector

    I have an intermittent in the parking and stop lamp circuits through the firewall bulkhead connector. Any tips on separating the connector halves at the firewall without breaking anything? Dan (68 New Yorker)
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    My First Project Car. 68 New Yorker 2 door. Help Needed!

    I own one of these and have for 12 years. Don't waste your time rebuilding a used carb someone offers. Go get yourself a new Edelbrock 600 CFM AFB with electric choke. Get the adapter for the fuel line fitting. Your stock air cleaner will fit. It is plug and play. Bolt it on and don't look back...
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    Oil filter Vs Sway bar

    This JUST happened to me, 68 New Yorker, link bolt in front left snapped, oil everywhere, AS I WAS PARKING! Lucky guy! Dan
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    1966 new yorker sway bar linkage

    Chris- This just happened to me yesterday. Broken link under radiator. I bought the FA1672 kit. Easy to do? Dan Plotkin
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    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Here you go. Early 68 with leftover 67 steering wheel and window cranks. Only options, AC and Posi. AC ice cold. Beautiful car, I've put 45,000 miles on it since I bought it in 2006 Dan
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    Fender top turn signal indicator bulb change

    Well I reached under there and gave it a wiggle - low and behold its working. If only modern tech bugs would resolve that way. thanks all who replied. Dan
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    Fender top turn signal indicator bulb change

    Would any of you direct me as to what type bulb and how to change it, fender top indicator, 68 New Yorker? Best regards, Danny Plotkin