WANTED 1959-1966 TRW 5 1/8" power steering pump wanted

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Gerald Morris

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Mar 9, 2016
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Greetings to the Part Rich Moparians!

If any of you folks have one of these older, larger TRW power steering pumps with the big (5/8") return hose port, and want to part with one, we're pretty interested in buying. We need a spare to enable us to switch one in while getting the other rebuilt, as our Newport is THE Family Car.

Even a smaller, functioning B body pump might do in a pinch, long enough to get the big one rebuilt properly.

Much Obliged Folks!

Gerald Morris
I have some, but I would consider them cores, they are on non running engines.
I have some, but I would consider them cores, they are on non running engines.
Right on. I actually found ONE correct one for that 68 Newport down in our locker this afternoon. It came w the car, pumps, but pours out thge fluid FAR too rapidly to be of use. Still, with that one core, I can send it to Lares and satisfy their $500 core charge, which certainly beats paying that. OR, I can try a crapshoot around this border berg. I can also do a bit of junkyarding around here; low odds though that is.

Good of you to reply! We may yet want one of your cadavers, if we need several such to make a DEEEEAAALLLL of some sort.
Most pumps only need new seals. If it is working but just leaks a seal kit is cheap and easy to do.
Was thinking just so myself. Reckon I'll look into that. The little A body pump we have was RTVed but it worked for about 4 yrs after we got the car before any signs of failing showed. It still will drive that steering gear somewhat I reckon. The pump ON the car doesn't leak, but is seizing up momentarily, especially when cold. That's why I want a substitute, so I can pull that one if I must and fix it. Hmm, just remembered the morning the A body pump failed now. Nevermind THAT.

Time for a little homework here....
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