1961 power brake master cylinder.


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Mar 9, 2011
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Anyone know what the difference is between a non power and power brake master cylinder on a 61 forward look car?
I need a reman or new cylinder for my 61 Fury W/power drum brakes.
I know that much. I'm curious as to what the difference is. They both have a 1.125 Bore and will interchange on the mount.
Maybe the length of the push rod.
Not familiar with the 61's but the late 50's the brake pedal configuration (ratio) was different between power and manual brakes.
Those master cylinders are very simple to rebuild.
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I have the original M/C from my 60 Dart with power brakes. I ditched it in favor of the dual pot. I guess it could be rebuilt if needed. Yours if you can use it. It has the push rod with it.
I had a later model power brake booster with a dual master cylinder put on mine for safety reasons I still have my original power brake booster but when you step on the brake it makes a weird sound ( it needs to be rebuilt) With the original power brake the master cylinder will be on the bottom and the power brake booster will be on top why I am not sure. I am not sure if you go to rock auto but there are times the site will have close out sales were you can stock up on spare parts at a really good price. I stocked up on air cleaners , bulbs , seals and other items . It never hurts to have extra parts laying around incase you need them. I also converted to front disc brakes for better stopping . The drum brake on my left front tire kept locking I said lets go to disc brakes and that took care of the problem. My hood is being redone again .
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I got an email from rock auto on close out sales on a 1961 plymouth I forward it to you. I get them when they have a close out sale I will forward them to you if you would like me to . I stocked up on a lot of spare air cleaners , bulbs ect