1965 Chrysler 300

Jack Ryan

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Apr 20, 2019
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Belvidere, IL
Family member is thinking about selling this car. Looking for opinions on value. Work has been done on car since 2009, less than 1000 miles put on it in that time. Good news Texas car, bad news, that means the sun has taken its toll. Almost completely rust free body. The I believe original to the car 383 had been bored out .030-.040”, cannot remember which but could find out. No compression on #2 cylinder revealed hole in piston. That coupled with right muffler blown up indicates a great time one night. Replaced piston. Low oil pressure at idle replaced oil pump with high volume. Still low at idle using 20w-50 oil. No idea how many miles on the car. Rebuilt carb. Runs OK and goes straight down the road. All new front suspension from the lower control arm bushings up. Trans rebuilt. New brakes including front drums. New power steering hose. Rear windows right works poorly, left needs followers and regulator replaced. New turn signal switch. New steering column to firewall grommet. Left front fender crunched by fork truck when in storage. I especially like where someone drilled holes and tried to pop dent out. Gas gauge does not work. New fuel pump. I’m guessing I’m missing some other stuff I did to the car but that’s the big stuff. Located in Belvidere IL.






The big if is why this engine still has low oil pressure with a high volume pump and 20-50w oil. Suggests the mains are probably out of spec and the engine will need a rebuild in the near future, holed piston suggests somebody probably ran the piss out of it and toasted the lower end as well. Rare for a Mopar piston to fail unless there is foreign object damage or the engine was grossly over RPM. Does it have a main rattle on start up? On the bright side the car is solid and has an updated A/C compressor. As to the value, give the suspect state of the engine, probably about $1750 max. If the engine is already .040 over, it may not be a candidate for another rebuild.

My thoughts exactly on the engine

Tough engines

This one must have seen a million miles or abuse

My 65 300 that my grandpa bought in 1972 with the odometer broken at 92,000 miles has maybe had valve covers off twice

Nothing else done except water pump

It was his farm car pulling one or two loads of hay all the time

When I was 12 I convinced him to sell it to me for $100

Saved the money and he gave me the car

1/2 metal

1/2 bondo

At 15 fixed rear quarters by adding New Yorker stainless panels

Anyway it’s been a bulletproof car as were most of the old mopars I grew up with
Maybe detonation or someone screwing with the timing would blow out one piston/muffler like that?
Maybe detonation or someone screwing with the timing would blow out one piston/muffler like that?
Timing could, but won't usually do that, it would knock so bad you could not drive it, overloading it with starting fluid, nitrous oxide or extreme rpms more likely. Could also have been a defective piston or a bad head gasket. Given the low oil pressure it probably was abused to the point something broke.