For Sale 1965 dodge CHP car

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Nope Adam 12 were LAPD not CHP, plus way before that programs timeframe.
Or were you thinking CHiP's of the late 70's?

Someone that doesn't know Mopars has been working on the car.
I wonder how long the springs have been that way?

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I stand corrected. Yes Reed and Milloy were LAPD. The series came out in the later 60's so I was just thinking around that time frame. Good catch on the throttle return springs.
I am at work so can't look closely at the pics. Likely the Leece Neville alt and regulator (wacky looking ribbed unit) were spec'd on this car, but I need to look to see. Disc brakes were a police only option in 65, and if so equipped, that car is missing the master cylinder volume extender for the pot. More fluid was required for disc brakes, so a sleeve was installed to make the pot taller. I have one at home.


Finally able to look at the pics - it does NOT have the Leece Neville alternator, and it has a standard regulator as well. The wiring does not feature the same kind of bulkhead bypass that my car has... FWIW, that might be an evolutionary change. My car, which was equipped with 66 Canadian spec police wiring and such, came with the high output regular alternator and the adjustible regulator mounted on the inner fender rather than the firewall, and the hot wire that goes to the Amp gauge was routed through the firewall with its own grommet and terminal block, and did NOT go through the bulkhead. I don't see any of that on this car, but that's neither here nor there.

Regarding the alternator position, as far as I can see, it has the heavy duty cooling 22" rad for AC/High Altitude cars with the shroud (26" rad did not come out until 66), so that means the upper rad hose goes to the passenger side, which may require the alternator to be pushed out to the right a bit - at any rate, I believe the alternator is using the adjusting bracket that AC cars use.
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