For Sale 1966 Chrsyler 300 $7,000.00 (CDN) NOT MINE

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Jun 11, 2015
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1966 Chrsyler 300

1966 Chrsyler 300 | Classic Cars | Calgary | Kijiji

1966 Chrysler 300

Prior restoration/repaint. Fairly clean, some rust bubbles on side skirt and corrosion underneath. Nothing structural. Starts, runs, drives, turns and stops as designed. New Oil Pump. New Fuel Pump. New Plugs. New Coil. New Solenoid.

Missing chrome letter. Front windshield cracked. Hood ornament snapped off (still have). Front bench seat cloth needs replacing. Choke sticks on warm up. Starts good, and runs smooth after warm up.

$7000 OBO. Will trade, especially for the following: -BMW's up to e46. -Mercury trucks, whether a good one in the garage or several out in the back 40. -Any John Deere crawler, BO Lindeman to 440c. Will look at other old antique crawlers. -Old combines. John Deere 55/95/105. Or Massey Harris 42/92. Must run or have multiples or you bring cash on top.

Try your best. I once took a big crate of Lego, a massive train set and a mountain bike for an old Ford Diesel so you never know.




Would be worried about why they installed a new oil pump. Still has what appears to be greasy finger prints on the glove box. Car actually looks pretty nice, but if the seller admits to underside corrosion, I suspect there is more to the story, probably was not a high quality repaint if there is some bubbling. Looks to have the hp engine which is a plus although at that mileage, it is probably due for a rebuild. This one is a pass for me.

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