1966 Sport Fury - Parting out!!!

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I would be interested in the Speedo, also is the first picture of the exterior rear trim where the top meets the rear quarters?
Hi, how badly trashed is the package tray? Would it be possible to make a mold of what's there, and pour a new one? Picture please? Thanks,
I see it as being a ton of mold material to begin with but selling them would recoup the cost after two or three. Take care of the mold and you could get 60-100 of them before remold. The trick is to get a good piece to make the mold from.

Ghostrider I have one that I am working on doing a mold and seeing how much it would cost to make them.
Old post, but the OP has responded recently...do you still have the gas pedal (with the chrome trim) still around?
i need the slide channel stuff too. i bet that stuff breaks when you try to take apart. i wonder were you can buy new
lol he keeps saying everything is all gone and people are still asking for parts.
Can not tell by the picture but do you have the Chrome pieces that go around the top and down the sides of the headlights and also the same chrome pieces that go around the tail lights on the rear fender & trunk area ??
Thank you
Trying to get caught up on what you may have left .. Looking for the metal trim around the headlights ( fender & hood ) and the metal trim around the tail lights ( fender & trunk ) outside edges !
Also may be interested in the factory Power Steering Pump for the 318 poly block v-8 engine .
Let me know .
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