1967 Fury III 4-door Hardtop - left rear window


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Nov 26, 2023
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Hey all!

I am in Alberta, Canada, & I'm trying to track down a left rear window for my 67 Fury III Hardtop. I would also need the track & pillar that is sits in. Does anyone have any idea of where I can find something like that?

I'm just about done everything, so this will be one of the final pieces.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Maybe someone else can comment on this, but I would think that the glass and track / mechanism from *any* '67 4-door C-body would be identical? Which means a Monaco / Polara / Newport / New Yorker would also work?

Call National Moparts (in Ontario) and see if they have anything.

Thank you for the reply.

Nigel at National Moparts is currently trying to track down the window for me. He says he has the front left window, he's just trying to find the rear left at the moment, but there's about 2 ft of snow in his yard right now.

In case he doesn't have it, I was wondering if there's somewhere else that I could look. I wouldn't be opposed to looking in the US either. Couldn't find anything on eBay, and there's one really shady looking site from the Netherlands or something that says they have this window. But I'm not too confident about sending money there.

Regarding the C bodies, I have a hard top, meaning that it is pillarless. Would I not need the window & track for that specific model?
I keep forgetting that there are 2 different types of 4-door cars.

But ok, would the door glass and track for all 1967 4-door C-body hard tops interchange?
Fyi, the glass you need interchanges with 68 Newport, Polara,Monaco and Fury.
67 Monaco/ Polara, 67-8 New Yorker, and Imperial glass is different.
Thrn there is tinted and clear glass..
I swapped out from clear to tinted right down to the frames.
New forum..old face
Hope this helps.
How soon would you need it? I have a 67 Fury III 4dr hdtp parts car but it is in snow as well.
It would likely be a couple of months before I would consider pulling parts.
I'm just north of Spokane, Wa. so it's not exactly close.