1968 Chrysler New Yorker purchase

update. The cars on the trailer headed for home, hope to post some details on Monday
1968 Black New Yorker.jpg

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Thanks, I'm buying sight unseen (pix in ad), I'm relying on my judge of character. Jville, I spent couple of years @ MCSSS 69-71. got a chance to go to Hwy 258 dragstrip, standing behind a rope
well, the car arrived this am and no issues with the transport. If you need a transport, I can recommend Mike @ Premier Transport (1-262-705-5790).
interior is a plus, couple of power windows need work, I searched
and couldn't find any rust, other than surface.
which I was shocked since the car was Rhode Island it's whole life
Very nice! Not a lot of 2 door New Yorkers out there, you have beauty!
Great car Mike! What's the plan for the car? Is it original paint? Going to fix the dings? What's wrong with brakes? Love those original Chrysler disc caps.
Thanks John, My plan is drive it like it is. No bodywork planned. Yes, original paint and many nicks The caliper and master cylinder have been leaking for awhile. busy gathering parts. Driver-side window doesn't work, also the drivers power-seat needs something to make that work. I was waiting to find rust,
so far nothing, I'm taking up the carpet today to get a visual on the floor pans. I have a Corvette that needs to sell in-order to free up cash if I were to get a paint job. The floor pans look fine, some surface rust under the pedal but nothing I can't live with.
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