1968 Chrysler, removing the stainless trim around taillights


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Sep 12, 2018
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Northeast PA, 10 minutes from Knoebels Grove
I was able to remove the upper trim pieces by sliding them off. But the shape of the outer curves prevents me from doing the same with the lower pieces. I'm thinking for the lower I'll need to pry where the clips are but I'm afraid I'm going to bend the trim and/or ruin the clips doing so. Does anyone have any tips on how to do it safely?

I was thinking of notching the curved sheet metal on one side so it could be slid over far enough to let the other piece slide off from the middle. You wouldn't see the notch with the chrome trim in place. But my brother thinks I should just try and slowly pry it away little by little with a wide plastic pry bar along the whole length of it from the underside. I'll let ya know what I do and how it works out.
Lower mouldings have same style clip holding them on as the uppers. They just pop (pry) off. Plastic tool best but a screwdriver and a rag should do it. I've got the mouldings and clips if needed, but you should be fine!