1969 Chrysler Imperial - $7500

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That's an interesting color. Non-metallic mist green. Looks like strained peas you would feed a baby.

The wheels probably gotta go too.

He has the original wheels and wheel covers.
Call him back in a month. He'll still have it.

I've got it in my favorites. When I was talking to him he said the car belonged to a Chrysler engineer from a Chrysler test facility north of Phoenix, the guy lost his job moved to Michigan and sold it to the current owner who has had in Penn. for the last 3 years. He said he had a lot of people trying to low ball him so far and he said he won't let it go for less than 9 something plus the $500 wheels. I was sensing he wanted $10,000 plus the wheels. He said if he didn't get what he wanted for the Imp that he would park in his "hangar". I was going to offer him $6000, but at this point it wasn't even worth asking.
I wonder how many of them came without a vinyl top; the one in the catalog looks strikingly clean that way imho. Probably something in the 2 digit range.
What catalog? It`s not in the 1969 new car brochure, show me more! :sSig_thanks:The more to read the better!
NO.................................................................!!! Too high, stay away something will show up that you want

When I asked him how long he had it, it took him a few a minutes to remember he had it 3 years. I think he a flipper. Yes Sir, I'm not in a hurry.
The bid is up to $5600. I bet Gesswein Motors in Millbank, SD will buy it and advertise it for $29,999 on Hemmings.
It's a nice car, but I don't like the color....and yes, the dude is out of his mind w 10K asking price. Eventually the market will douse him with freezing water, after that, then see what he wants to deal.
I'm watching it closely. I'm out if it goes over $6000. I've seen a few cars up close with that color, it looks a lot better when you see it in person.
Not yet. I've been magnifying the pictures and the condition of the car it just outstanding. I literally wouldn't have to do a thing to this one. Believe me, I learned my lesson well when I pulled the trigger on my Ny'er too quick. I have to admit...temptation is a terrible thing.
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