1970 300 convertible

since the column shift has been changed to a console i'd keep it that way.
imo changing to a console shift doesnt hurt the value if thats important to you; i think more people would prefer it.
you might want to look for the 70 chrysler padded console top pieces but they will taken some hunting.
what colour was the interior originally ? i'd guess saddle tan because of the dash pad and top boot
heres a pic of the saddle tan coloured console tops in my 70 300

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i see your car for sale, how much are you looking for ?
Can anyone recommend the correct SEM line colour that best matched a saddle interior 300?
Looking at the chips I’m guessing it’s either saddle tan, or camel?
My 1970 300 convertible that I bought recently was delivered, and it is a pretty cool car.
I’m going to start getting a handle on what is original, and what has been monkeyed with on the car as I am a bit of a purist and like things the way they were meant to be from the factory.
The car was originally green, but has been painted over years ago (not overly well) with a buttery white colour.

a couple of questions regarding the engine bay in regards to what would have been original.
The engine bay is painted black, including things like the wiper motor (I will be removing things this winter and stripping/ restoring them).
I’ve been googling photos of 70 300 engine bays, and I do see some in black but I also see some in body colour.
We’re the engine bays originally body colour? Every Mopar I’ve ever restored or owned has always had a body colour engine bay.

I am also curious as to what the correct air cleaner should look like on a 70 300. This car came with a 440 TNT pie plate on it (which I know is not the case) so it makes me wonder if just the pie plate is wrong, or if the entire air cleaner is wrong.

it would be greatly appreciated if somebody wanted to post up a photo of a correct engine bay and air cleaner!
my 70 300 the firewall was body color, fender wells flat black, engine side of radiator support body color, headlight side flat black. base 440 was single snorkle aircleaner no callout. I think I might have pics. no picture sorry, the fender braces are body color
Can anyone recommend the correct SEM line colour that best matched a saddle interior 300?
Looking at the chips I’m guessing it’s either saddle tan, or camel?
if its the darker color it saddle tan. I replaced mine with a legendary kit and its perfect, so was the carpet
Here’s a photo of the fender tag if that helps in regards to the interior colour

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@Fireguyfire -- I took the liberty last year to add CM27T0C151049 to the informal directory of the "Last Convertibles." Thank you again for sharing the pics and tag!

I just noticed that your pale yellow car was originally EF8 (a dark green shade). Any update / car show plans this year?
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Lots of work in the car this winter including Turing the correct carpet back in, stripping the door panels and dying them back to fresh saddle brown, re installed the factory wiring harnesses after testing them and ripping out the crappy painless system. I also pulled and went through the factory 440 (which is in great shape) put a new basket set in, repainted the engine the correct Chrysler blue after stripping it; I stripped and painted the engine bay the same colour as the body (everything had been painted black with a brush including the wiper motor, firewall, master cylinder, etc).
Then finally the repaint over the green is average, but was pebbly so I am just finishing up wet sanding and polishing it which looks way better.
When I’m done it won’t be a fully mint restored car but will be a very nice driver.
I just picked up a 72 Plymouth fury sport suburban wagon so that will be this winters project!
I have a few of the 70, s tops. I went with the 69 styles on my 70 as I like that better. I will be bringing them to the Spring Fling. The seat belts clip I removed on mine and plugged the holes with plastic caps. I will be selling these as complete consoles only $550 each.