For Sale 1970 300

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Kelly Coleman

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Nov 3, 2021
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perry, Ia
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1970 300. planing on attend volo Ill the end of june. will have for sale sign on car
I look forward to seeing CM27T0C240757 at Volo.
What are you bringing?

Now, Now,, @commando1 .. You are going to start a rumor with that question...
To ask: "What are you bringing" is saying -you- will be attending ..
However, if you were to ask: " What are you taking?" ,, that would mean you wish you could be there
but won't be able to make it but would like to know about the other persons car that will be attending..


What are you bringing?
I will be bringing two Chryslers this year (with @Ripinator 's help) after bringing two fuselage Dodge C-bodies last year (Medina and Regina, with @73Coupe 's help):

1. Buttercup, my 1972 NYB 2dr -- she is ready for Volo after getting a 3-spoke steering wheel (correct for a 1972 NYer but not a NYB) and her horn reconnected this month, and a recored 1972 police radiator last month; @71Polara383 will be stress-testing BC in this week's heat wave, but I expect that she is good to go;

2. my 1970 300 TNT 'vert -- @david hill has cleared her for service, and she performed beautifully last month.
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