NOT MINE 1970 Chrysler 300 convertible (EW1 white)


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Jan 30, 2012
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The car seems to be for sale in Indiana. Perhaps a local FCBO member knows it and/or recognizes the front and rear plates below? I would love to get the VIN and fender tag for records

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From the ad: "1970 Chrysler 300 convertible. Original automatic trans. Replaced engine with crate 440 engine about 15,000 miles. New red vinyl interior ( 2015) interior was blue. New Paint in 2015 to original white No rust Garage stored since 2017 gets started once a month, Radio works Factory AC car, All new exhaust reworked the driveshaft. It needs new power window switches; the window motors are good. "










This is not the first time I see those same photos. It was for sale some years ago, in same condition.
Could you possibly find the link? I searched without luck before posting .
I do not recognize the car.
I see a lot that needs corrected for the $22k asking price.

I liked the upholstery work at first. (not the color change and departure from original) The stitching and beading looked pretty straight and wrinkle-free.
Then I saw the screws holding the doorpanel on. Man I hate that, and on new upholstery it's near-unforgivable.

My gut tells me this car will need more than just PW switches, it will require some wiring repair also.
And GL getting the switches to stay in the doorpanels. The switches are being repopped, but I haven't seen the retainer clips nor the wiring connections as available.
I would love to get the VIN and fender tag for records
Wire me approx $22k and I can make that happen for you.

Another one that expects the buyer to pay for the sellers bad decisions. Under hood and a horrible interior will cost thousands to correct. Even if you do not care about correct it's all gotta be redone. At 22000 he will own it a long time.

Advice, if you steer from original in a restoration, then it's not restored, it's modified. Most car buyers do not want modified you are not going to recoup your investment.
One of the photos in the link provided by @Big_John shows a tombstone.


A Google search yielded the following obituary -- with the relevant bit highlighted:

"He loved old cars especially his 1970 cream colored Chrysler 300."

The ad that I had copied in my OP, however, states that this 1970 Chrysler 300 convertible's original "( 2015) interior was blue. New Paint in 2015 to original white." Call me confused, as the car is clearly white now but the steering wheel center (the only part that has not been recovered) indeed looks blue. My guess is that it was originally BL1 Sandalwood (not EW1 Spinnaker White) but today's seller is mistaking the original white for beige -- whether we call BL1 beige or cream to sandalwood, that color was available with a blue interior.

Has any other information surfaced from Indiana? @fury fan @david hill @jct @RWCearley @Steven Jones

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I have not seen anything else on this car yet. I haven't been looking, though.
The prior owner lived in a small town about an hour from me, so the chances of me stumbling across something on this car is slim.