1970 Fury III bumper Strips

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Jan 8, 2014
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My convertible will be coming home in a month or so and one of the things that bugs me about it is the black rubber strips that are on both the front and back.They are really cracked and faded.Does anyone have a set of 4 NOS ones? Has anyone removed them and filled the holes with chrome bolts? What about restoring them in place with flexible filler and them coating them with SEM paint.Removing them completely is my 1st choice. Anyone's thoughts and experiences with this are appreciated!

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Remember they are rubber with a steel core that maybe aged and rusting. If you remove them they will be damaged and never usable. So leaving them in place and using a product that would keep them soft. Some use spray silicone. My '70 Fury III ex-squad has the factory front and rear bumper guards. The front has some minor cracks etc but finding them is much more difficult than preserving them in place.
you can't tell by the photos, but mine are severely cracked and faded.
Did some checking. Double check but I believe this list is the correct ones. At very least feel with you hands where the bolts are. Maybe measure distance between bolts and if you have a parts manual look at the numbers. Contact seller before he lists them again and at very least throw in shipping.....good luck

1971 Plymouth Fury front bumper guards NOS | eBay
I rebuilt the corner fillers on my ‘68 Polara. A little smaller piece but turned out better than expected.
I clean them good. Sanded them a little and then sprayed with black Plasi-cote. Let it dry, sand, repeat. It may be quicker if you can find some type of flexible rubber sealer that you can trowel on to fill the cracks, sand and then plasti-cote.