For Sale 1970 Imperial Coupé - White buckets - NICE !!! eBay

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we could open a can of worms with lots of various opinions on this point in a discussion:)

He he.. yes, we probably could. But why not take the worm-can from the shelf, and talk abt it for a little while, because I agree more than you probably think, and also absorb and adapt!

Remember my post abt white wall's on the blue Imperial? I posted that, because I wanted to hear the good C-people's opinion(s), and although I was REALLY set on WW's, I actually ended up ordering "Vouge". That happened because:

1. I got bitched-slapped all the way through that thread, and...
2. I knew, that the blue car was "relatively unspoiled", and deserved to appear as original as humanly possible.

I am probably torn between being 80% conservationist, and 20% pimp, and the pimp part told me, wearing out a set of WW's wouldn't hurt the car. I knew it was "wrong", but I'd really like to see it anyways.

About the "restoration-worms", and when to do it. Where is the turning point? What warrants a restoration? At some point, the "natural deterioration" of a car, begins to accelerate, and like a flood, it pull's stuff along with i, and at a later point, the car becomes unrestorable. A good example was my 56k mile, Golden 70' 300 coupe, which I lovingly drove for years, without doing anything about the dried out, and cracked vinyl roof. Water entered, and corroded my a-pillars. I saw them thickening, but as the good conservationist I was, I didn't want to interfere, as the car was super original everywhere.

Suddenly, one morning.. my (probably original, and VERY fine condition) windshield was cracked. The crack originated right at the spot where the pillars join, and the swelling was worst. That is probably the best example, where preserving originality for all the right reasons, came back, to bite the preserver in the ***.

I ended up selling the car, because i STILL didn't want to restore, and the guy I sold it to, DID a full blown restoration, unfortunately, he was "rich", and also did the interior. I regretted selling it ever since. The worst sale ever...


But, I saw the light in regards of the Imperial. It's gonna stay as original as can be.. and I got the 69' 300 vert to pimp out. I bought it as a worn down, rusted out, clapped out, AND burnt out engine bay, base model, which in it's burned out state, would probably be crushed long ago, if I hadn't bought it.. and, It's gonna have white walls, (and no one can stop me.. :-D )

economic reasons (=no money to buy) is the only valid reason - Everything else is just an execuse

I love that attitude Carsten, and will try to follow it.. and even have space to park more C's out back (OUTDOOR), but I would suffer, along with the cars during the Nordic winters, and my lawn would probably also do what ever it could too, in order to consume them, from the ground up...
When it comes to Economics, Europeans have a mindset 180° counter to Americans.
Not better. Not worse. Just different.
Duh... that's it, I'm sure. I took another look at the photos and there it is, atop the dash. I'm guessing that the OP's objection to the "damn compass" is the stickum spoiling the OEM vinyl.
Or worse yet the screws...
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