NOT MINE 1970 Newport convertible in Florida (94k miles, 383-2, EB3 blue / blue vinyl bench / white top)


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Jan 30, 2012
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CE27L0C166976 is for sale in Clearwater, FL. The ask is $33k. Given the non-standard stripes, and several cosmetic issues (cue the trunk lid), that figure may be steep even in the current market.

From the Hemmings ad:
Engine & Drivetrain

This 1970 Chrysler Newport Convertible (...) has a 383 cubic inch V8 and a unique body and paint job.

It has what appears to be the original 383 cubic inch V8 with a single 2 Barrel Carburetor (8 Cylinder) that was rated at 290 Horse Power back then.

The engine bay looks factory correct with the blue painted block and matching valve covers, 383 black painted factory twin-snorkel air cleaner, dual exhaust, and the TorqueFlite A727 three-speed automatic transmission (...)

It has power steering and brakes as well as air conditioning as well.


The interior on ours came with the Vinyl Bench Seat interior in Blue with headrests on the front seat, a matching blue rear seat, and retains the factory stock look with its blue full-size dash with the gauges, switches, and controls, the factory steering wheel, AM Radio (High Powered), blue carpet and blue vinyl floormats, blue factory seatbelts, Air Conditioning with Front Heater, and has the great off-setting White Convertible Top.

The interior all looks very nice and very original.


The 1970 Chrysler Newport Convertible is painted in a ''Light Blue Metallic'' with the white side stripes, white convertible top, white 383 and GT callouts on the hood, a Turn Signal Light Hood and front fenders, Tinted Glass All Windows, hidden headlight front end, and that distinctive ''Fuselage Styling'' that is so iconic.

It rides on white painted steel wheels with chrome hubcaps and Mastercraft Avenger GT raised white letter tires to give it a low sporty look and ride.

The trunk also looks as new with the mats. Full size spare tire and wheel, and the jack.







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Nice boss ... that ask$ would be too tall for me .. but the market will sort that out. Hope it finds a good home.
71 Chrysler 300 grill
Plymouth sport fury GT stripes
Police steelies/dog dishes.............................................
And the original dual snorkel for the 2bbl carb...........
Damn, that is sexy. The white cop wheels as a nice touch. The asking is a bit steep but, Wish I had the $$$$$
Not a fan of the stripes, but I’m liking the ‘71 grille. They just needed to follow though with the ‘71 rear bumper.…
The car looks great, but those GT stripes...... STUPID s*** like that just AGGRAVATES me, WHY would you do something like that. That's at least a $500.00 stripe kit too

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Looks like they used their "Lakeland Lash" starter kit on the engine compartment. The graphics gotta go, it's too classy for that garbage.
Red ground cable? Sure hope the new owner doesn't have to call AAA in the dark of night for a jump start but from the look of how rashed up the battery connectors me think it's been jump started numerous times...