1972 Chrysler New Yorker Wiring Diagram

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Jul 17, 2017
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I am in need of a comprehensive wiring diagram for manual A/C heater and blower controls. The diagram available through @ mymopar.com is of block style only. Currently this A/C system is missing vital power to the dash controls. I need info on the location of supporting relays or fuseable links. Currently I have no blower operation, niether the blower switch or the blower resistor have power present w/ the ignition key in the run position. No fuses are blown and have been checked for battery voltage present at the fuse block. If you have seen this before please respond.
You MIGHT find an image of the entire harness in the Illustrations in the Parts Book. But that might not be to your likiing? Other than that, the section of the FSM dealing with the a/c system specifically. Using the Chrysler FSM schematics, you can determine the existence of what's in the circuits, then peruse the images in the FSM section to see where they might be.

Unfortunately, the only wiring schematics I know of which are full size and lay out "headlight to headlight" are for Ford products of that era.

Please keep us updated on your progress,
Give this a try David:

2022-09-18 18.52.32.jpg

2022-09-18 18.52.50.jpg

2022-09-18 18.54.16.jpg

2022-09-19 00.24.16.jpg
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