For Sale 1972 new yorker parts car for sale

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marty koirtyohann

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Aug 2, 2017
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i have decided to sell my 72 new yorker as a parts car . i cant par it out here fir 2 reasons .1 its sir=tting on a huill infrount of my house & i cant run it a lot do to a hole n the oil pan& i has a damaged k-member / subframe . & 2 im disabled+ the ciy would hae a fi if i was to part it out here. the car has a good 440 it was rebuilt with all mopar parts& it has a set of 90cc cast iron heads the 440 has 30k on it the 727 has less than 10k on he rebuild / i have a copy of the factory service book + a parts cd . u get all the extra parts a mopar nos . everything in the car works as it should / the buyer also get ppg clear coat base coat paint& primmer . the radiator is also a max cool mopar unit (I have a mopar rebuit ac compressor i may include with the car). the heater core is new . the power steering pump is a new NOS unit so is the 3 speed wiper motir . also all the powr windows switch's r new i also have a 4 gang drivers side nos extra switch . the distributor is a new point with extra mopar no poins& condensers it has lots of new pas i hae a extra pair of early rotors 'mthe frount spention is a;; new too im selling he entire car not parts of it .
i would like to get 4 k for everything but is not set in stone . the costs of replacing the frount sub frame i too high + no one here woill try it so im selling te entire car as a parts car complete its all or nouthing so shoot me a price . i im washington mo (its a hr west of st.louis mo . out I-44 )

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