1977 Chrysler Town & Country

On another note does anyone know what battery fits in the battery tray the best. The recommend fit one from Advance Auto isn't quite high enough for the factory hold down to clamp the battery good. It is a 34FT group battery currently. Not only that it looked like there was room to use a wider battery as well. The guy I got the radio off of also sent me the insulated cover, so will be installing that back on as well.
No worries, I will never get upset about more wagon pics! I haven't spent much time researching the tire option much yet. What do you mean by road wheels? I will be putting a white wall of some sort back on it and keep the original rims and wheel covers. I honestly like keeping things original as possible.

road wheels were an option from 70-78 on chryslers. they werent offered on wagons for some reason but its a popular wagon upgrade

Found this picture the other day. That is my one of my brothers and sisters. I was the one on the right. And of course the sweet 77 wagon in the background as it was in a lot of our family pictures!
Gear Banger!.jpeg
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You probably want to keep in mind, that "just" putting the HD trailer hitch on your car doesn't automatically make it ready to tow a heavy trailer. You'll need the 3.21 rear axle and the enormous transmission oil cooler that was part of the HD trailer tow package.
You probably want to keep in mind, that "just" putting the HD trailer hitch on your car doesn't automatically make it ready to tow a heavy trailer. You'll need the 3.21 rear axle and the enormous transmission oil cooler that was part of the HD trailer tow package.
and the HD cooling, ps cooler that came with the pkg
Thanks, I'm aware of the other items the towing package cars had. I hope to get lucky and someday find a car that had it, but I know that will be a long shot. I don't plan on towing anything heavy with it like a RV or something, I will leave that business for my F450. My dad still has his little 4x8 home built utility trailer he used to tow behind it though. Thought it would be fun to hook up to that next time he needs a little mulch or something.
I'm going to attended Carlisle Chrysler Nationals this year. I have not been to the Chrysler event out there before but I have been there for the Ford event as a vendor on the midway. Trying to decide if I should register in the station wagon class 125 or the 74-78 C-body class 450. I feel like I would probably enjoy being in the c-body class more being parked around nothing but 74-78 c bodies. What do you guys think that have attended? I'm not sure if there would be many 74-77 wagons in the wagon class area anyways and suspect I would prefer to be surrounded with my kind lol
Neo Scale Models, made in China, developed in the Netherlands.
There are many brands of 1/43 scale model cars, with the resin models being more precise than the diecast metal.
This one was sold through American-Excellence.com on ebay.
Do a web search for 1/43 scale models.
Average price is usually around $120. Sometimes you get a deal. I think I got this one for $79.
They come in a display case.
I have several of them, you will be amazed at what is out there.
Huge variety of vehicles.
I wish I could get a pic showing the interior detail. Gauges and vents are visible, gear shift, turn signal, tilt wheel lever, dash woodgrain....
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The wagon looks great. That’s my old t&c I bought it in 2005 off this forum and sold it in 2009 I think. It came out of western pa. I’m on Long Island. I put the cd player in it and upgraded the speakers. I also put the kyb shocks poly swaybarbushings, ball joints and control arm bushings. the wood sides looked like that when I bought it. It was very original and clean. I have pics from when I sold it. It had the deluxe hubcaps. I had it at Carlisle in 2005 and 2006.
I took these pics of the wagon in Feb 2008 right before i sold it. it had 84000 miles on it when i sold it and i had a brand new set of matching yokohama tires in the back when i sold it. it was a great car and the next owner kept really good care of it. My wife was pregnant so i had to let it go.
no rear plate 2.JPG
Here is break down of the repairs i did on it from when i bought it in June 2005 till i sold it in the spring of 2008.

June 2005 Purchased
Coolant system flush filled with Prestone 5 yr antifreeze
Upper and lower radiator hoses and clamps
Water pump and thermostat.
NGK spark plugs, ingintion coil, and borg warner ignition wires
Edelbrock Carb, Fuel Pump, fuel filter, air filter.
All Fan Belts replaced.
Trans service fluid and filter
Master Cylinder (replaced factory master)
A/C flushed, evacuated and filled with 134a. Receiver drier replaced.
Front shocks, KYB gas shocks, Rear Shocks Monroe load levelers
Moog tie rods inner/outer and sleeves
Upper control arm bushings
Wheel Alignment and new front tires.
Die Hard Battery
Right front window motor
Alpine radio and pioneer front speakers and kicker rear speakers
Rear diff drain and refill
New tailpipe

April 06
New A/C high pressure hose Evacuate and recharge AC 134a
Reman A/C Compressor and used clutch

Oct 06
Front wheel bearings
Idler arm
Wiper linkage bushings replaced.
Rear Brakes (new shoes)
Rebuilt starter

Dec 06
Trans input shaft seal

Feb 07
Rear brake hose and rear brake line

Oct 07
Neg Batt Cable
Oil change filter, and greased front end

Mar 08
Oil change and filter

Previous owner converted AC to 134a, and removed the lean burn ignition system and installed the Mopar Performance ignition system. Previous owner replaced front brake pads and brake hoses.