1977 Chrysler Town & Country

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Apr 10, 2023
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Just joined up as I'm a newly minted C body owner. Well I have been for about 6 months now, but figured I should start a thread introducing myself and my wagon. I'm in my 40s now, but grew up with Chrysler wagons. I was the youngest of 5 siblings, but my parents have always had the Chrysler wagons starting around the mid 70s. They had a few before I was born, I believe a 72 and 73 model. But not long after that had a few of the 74-77 models as all of us kids grew up. All of my siblings, me included learned how to drive and took our driving tests in these wagons. The 2 that I remember was a gold with tan interior 1976 (sold before I could drive) then a white with brown interior 1977. We had that wagon until the late 90s. Well now I have been reminiscing of the big wagons and wanted to track one down. Well that proved rather difficult to find one, let alone one in good condition. Aside from the couple that are listed that were far out of my price range. Eventually I found this clean survivor in Columbus Ohio at a classic car dealer. It was a absolute blast showing up to my parents house for the Christmas get together with it as a surprise. My Dad was so excited to see one in person again! It was fun getting to have all the sibling and family enjoy one again and get to take their kids for rides in it!

This one is a 1977 with the 440 engine and a fair amount of options. It has the tilt/telescoping wheel, side marker lights, roof rack, rear defrost, power antenna, front vent windows and now a original 8 track radio. The only option it didn't have that I really wanted was the heavy duty hitch!. It will probably be about impossible to find one, so will likely have to make one. Luckily I found some good pictures of one and should be able to reproduce a pretty close copy if need be. The wagon really is in fairly good shape. The woodgrain has been replaced in a couple sections, so it doesn't match uniformly throughout. I will get that all replaced sometime this summer. Also the tires are different brands front to rear, so want to get a fresh set of tires as well. It did have a front caliper hanging so I went ahead and did a full brake job and replaced the lines. I also did a full tune up and changed the oil. The AC currently isn't charged, but the AC compressor still turns over. I will rebuild the compressor and try charging it soon. It also had a modern cd player in it, which looked silly. I was able to find a new old stock in the box RCA 8 track for Chryslers on Ebay. So bought that and got it swapped back in. I have a few more little nick neck things to address, but overall am lucky to find one this nice. I will post content as I work through getting it all final issues addressed. Here is a video I made thus weekend when I had it out for Easter Sunday.
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Here is a pic of the day I loaded it in the trailer and brought it home. It just barely fit!

Looks out of place in my shop full of shelby mustangs lol
Looks awesome. Nice wagon. I would not even mind if mine was a wagon.
Welcome to the Formal T&C crowd!

Your story is very familiar to mine, growing up around big Mopar wagons.

Here's my memory machine:

That turned out cool. Growing up I never saw one without the woodgrain option. I wonder if it was ordered by a business originally instead of an individual. Does it have the 3 row seat?
you could order them without woodgrain. mine had it originally. it was a 3 seat car. its in Georgia now i believe

strip it strip it good 009.jpg

nearly done 001.jpg





Ya I saw in the spec sheet you can order it without it, just seemed to be the exception for the most part from what I recalled seeing.
sorry @John FatFab , didnt mean to take over your post with my nose job....

are you going to put some road wheels on your wagon ? that really changes the look of these things
sorry @John FatFab , didnt mean to take over your post with my nose job....

are you going to put some road wheels on your wagon ? that really changes the look of these things
No worries, I will never get upset about more wagon pics! I haven't spent much time researching the tire option much yet. What do you mean by road wheels? I will be putting a white wall of some sort back on it and keep the original rims and wheel covers. I honestly like keeping things original as possible.