1977 Chrysler Town & Country

Oh man, thanks for all that information and pictures! Yes the wagon is still in great shape and whomever had it in between you and I took good care of it. A couple of the cylinders are a little lower on compression when I first started going through it. I have not retested it yet as I wanted to drive it a bit with a fresh set of plugs and see if it improved with some run time. Next time I do the compression test if they are still low I will do a leak down to determine if its loosing some compression through the rings or valves. If its valves leaking I will probably buy a new set of heads, intake, and cam. If its rings, well then its time for an entire build I suppose. The front brake calipers were sticking as well. I went ahead and replaced all the brakes, rubber lines and wheel bearings as well. Might have just been the rubber hose, but I wanted to be sure everything was good. I will let my other siblings borrow the wagon from time to time and didn't want any surprises popping up on them. I think I will go ahead and get the woodgrain redone soon. It does bother me that it doesn't match lol. Another part of me wants to get the entire cars body work and paint redone before I pay to do the woodgrain. But I know if I do that, I wouldn't enjoy driving the car as much because I would be anxious about getting rock chips or any paint damage if it was pristine. Right now it is very presentable, but not perfect. Which makes is a fun driver that I very much enjoy cruising in. The AC system has lost its charge at some point. I have not dug into it yet, but will soon. Definitely need to have that working! I was planning on getting a rebuild kit for the compressor, but if it was a fresh reman in 06 it may still be in good shape. Hopefully just a small leak somewhere and not contamination. About the only other thing I noticed is that the pinion bearing is starting to get a little noisy. Probably will need to replace the bearing soon.

I have absolutely enjoyed having the chance to own this thing and share it with my family. It was so fun being able to let everyone ride and drive in one again. Even the smell of the interior just takes you right back to those old memories, something a picture could never do on its own. The expression and reaction of my Dad when I pulled up in it at our last get together was priceless. I didn't think he was ever expecting to see one again, let alone get to drive it. I do see why he loved them so much as guy with 5 kids. It was such a practical automobile. Trips to the hardware store, pulling a trailer, hauling the family, taking it on vacations, business trips ect. These wagons did everything comfortably, smoothly and quietly.
The wagon looks great. That’s my old t&c I bought it in 2005 off this forum and sold it in 2009 I think. It came out of western pa. I’m on Long Island. I put the cd player in it and upgraded the speakers. I also put the kyb shocks poly swaybarbushings, ball joints and control arm bushings. the wood sides looked like that when I bought it. It was very original and clean. I have pics from when I sold it. It had the deluxe hubcaps. I had it at Carlisle in 2005 and 2006.
I wonder what happened to the deluxe hub caps. Neither of our wagons had those growing up, but I do like the looks of them. I will have to try and find a set at some point. I do have some memories of chasing down the hubs caps when they would pass you flying off when you drove the car like a jackass kid would!
Found a couple more pics of our wagons in some of our old family photos. This is our wagon and my aunts wagon our in front of the Jay County High school in Portland, Indiana. I think is was maybe 1986 or so. I love seeing 2 in one picture!
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