For Sale 1978 Chrysler Conqueror 140

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Jul 17, 2013
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Posting this in ALL the Mopar forums. Really want to put this in the hands of a Mopar guy and not some buyer from CL who thinks it's neat looking

MY BOAT IS READY TO SELL. $ 3,600 OBO Has not been in the water for the last 3 years due to various health issues. Its a 1978 17 ft Chrysler Conqueror with with a 140 HP Chrysler outboard. I just put all new surge brakes on the trailer, that includes 2 new backing plates with new shoes, attaching hardware and wheel cylinders. The Demco surge brake actuator has just had a new master cylinder installed. The 15 inch trailer tires are in very good shape so trailering will not be a problem.
Every thing in the boat is in excellent shape except the carpet, and I am planning on replacing it. If you look at the picture you can see a stain behind the rear facing seat. The seats have storage under them and also fold flat to sun bath on. The seats have no tears or split seams and look really good. The upholstery along the side ski storage areas is also in excellent shape.
The outboard has had a new water pump impeller installed. Its rubber, and is a regular wear item. The outboard power head was completely rebuilt with 4 brand new Weisco pistons when a ring broke and scored up the #2 cylinder 5 years ago by a reputable machine shop. Boyseen dual stage reeds were also installed at the time. The rebuild cost me over a 1,000.00. The pistons were 105.00 each, the reeds were about a 100.00, the engine gasket kit was around 90.00 throw in cylinder boring, and taking apart the engine and putting the rotating assembly back together again and there you have it, a big old Ouch! Fuel pump diaphragms have been replaced ( the 140 uses dual fuel pumps) I also have a fuel pump gauge and inline filter installed under the hood. Speaking of the hood it is in very good shape but the decals are starting to fade somewhat.
The boat come with lots of extras, 4 life jackets, paddle, 1 person tube, tow rope, water skis and rope, some coast guard required stuff like a fire extinguisher and a flare gun. It also come with a extra portable 6 Gallon tank the goes along with the built in 18 gallon tank. I also have a NOS Chrysler Marine container of premix and a 1978 Chrysler Marine sales brochure. Included in tbe sale are 3 props, a 21 pitch stainless steel prop, a 19 inch prop that works best for pulling up water skiers and if you ever need to pull up a pair of elephants on skis a 17 pitch prop. The 17 severely limits your top end speed but gives you AMAZING hole shot, time to plane is really quick with very little bow rise and will pull even the heaviest skier on a single ski up easily. I just detailed the boarding ladder and it came out great. Way better than it was.
This boat draws comments every time its being put in or taken out of the water. Its not perfect and has scratches and dings that any boat gets from bouncing off a dock but looks amazing for its age, much better than some boats I have seen half its age to be honest. I
I would really like to see this boat go to a Mopar guy who will take care of it and not some local person off of CL who is just looking for a boat. Imagine how cool it would be if you had say a B body wagon or a C body and put a hitch on it and towed this boat behind your car to a show some time! That wouldn't happen with my '70 Barra'
This is not a boat you see come up for sale in any shape very often, I keep a pretty regular eye on boat trader and Ebay and cant remember the last time i saw a conqueror 140 in good shape with a matching Chrysler outboard offered for sale. I live in the Atlanta area but would be willing to tow it somewhat to help out a buyer. FWIW I bought the boat in NY and trailered it all the way to Ga, so don't be afraid to travel to get this awesome boat.
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